Evolution of LGSF Construction in India

Prefabrication is a construction technique where the building is assembled by multiple pieces, manufactured in a factory-controlled environment, and then transported to the construction site for final assembly. In any light gauge steel frame building, structure, or facility, the prefabricated components are designed for every portion separately, including the windows, wall panels, rooftops, and even staircase.

For some people, light gauge steel framing manufacturers in India might seem like a new concept, but it has been successfully used in different parts of the world since World War II on quite a large scale. Some of the finest examples of the prefabricated building are Burj Khalifa and the Sydney Opera House.

Surprisingly, India is coming up as the second-fastest developing economy globally, and one of the major industries supporting this growth is construction. The leading builders and construction agencies are adopting Light Gauge Steel Construction.

Market Research Analysis

According to a recent study, prefabricated steel construction covers only 2% of the overall Indian real estate market that sums up to about $150 billion. However, industry experts claim that the boom is yet to come for the prefabrication construction method in India and several other neighbouring countries.

There are many reasons behind this prediction, some of these reasons are:

This method of construction is much cheaper than traditional construction techniques.The prefabrication methods are much faster than other construction styles.LGSF is an environmentally friendly construction solution.Modular construction can easily reduce the demand for raw materials, minimizes expended energy, and decreases overall project time.Each sub-assembly is built by an experienced crew in a weather-resistant factory, with multiple quality checks throughout the entire process.Strict factory processes and procedures that protect the worker from on-the-job injuries.

Thanks to the rising demand for LGSF structures, several extremely reliable suppliers of light gauge steel frame construction services have entered the market and are dedicatedly working towards providing professional support and construction solutions to the users across the country.

Future of Prefabrication:

LGSF is amongst the latest construction concepts that have taken the market by storm, but yet there are various misconceptions about the prefab structures. Many builders feel that these are of lower quality than the traditional building structures, but as the market is evolving, the market is getting ready to accept this methodology, and the public reputation is changing.

Currently, the primary users of the LGSF structures are corporations, but with time these prefab structures are slowly and steadily finding their way into residential real estate.

Hence, there is an immediate need to create more awareness among the common people, popularise the concept and extensively adopt prefabricated structures to increase the efficiency, quality, and speed of construction, while reducing cost and additional efforts.

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