Discover the Secret to Better Performance and Durability with Building Envelope Construction Membranes

PREPARE TO elevate your construction projects with the dependable Don & Low’s Building Envelope Construction Membranes. This innovative solution not only enhances performance and durability but also ensures that your structures remain steadfast over time, instilling a sense of security in your construction endeavours.

Don & Low’s construction membranes have unique attributes that enable architects, developers, contractors, builders, and owners to exceed constantly changing national standards and regulations.

Unleash the potential of your construction projects with Don & Low’s innovative construction membranes. Build resilient roofs that bravely withstand harsh weather and walls that warmly embrace interiors, all while conserving energy. This is the exciting inspiration behind Don & Low’s construction membranes.

Don & Low’s pioneering advancements in developing and producing construction membranes are best demonstrated in the enduring legacy of Roofshield. This esteemed vertically integrated manufacturer provides a comprehensive, UK-made building envelope that consistently grows and enhances, inspiring confidence in its ability to cater to a wide range of needs for diverse projects.


Roofshield® was the first air and vapour permeable roofing underlay to hit the market and has earned almost 30 years of trust through continuous use and rigorous testing. Roofshield provides a superior secondary barrier for roofs to protect against the ingress of rain, wind and snow.

In practice, this innovative and versatile membrane allows the passage of moisture to reduce the incidence of interstitial condensation in pitched roofs significantly. Eliminating the need for roof space ventilation in cold- and warm-pitched roofs, Roofshield offers consistent performance and reliability, as certified by the BBA and NSAI.


The RoofTX® range of vapour-permeable, air barrier roofing membranes is precisely engineered to enable the passage of moisture while effectively resisting air penetration.

Competitively priced but without sacrificing quality or performance, the range comprises six distinct products, each differing in weight and design, catering to diverse roofing requirements across the UK. It’s also well-suited for fully supported or unsupported cold and warm systems.

Offering a lightweight alternative to traditional bituminous felts with excellent flexibility even at low temperatures, the RoofTX family is certified by the BBA for the UK and by the NSAI for the Irish market.


MultiTX® is a high vapour resistance, air and liquid barrier roofing underlay that serves as a modern, cost effective and lightweight alternative to traditional high vapour resistance underlays, such as bituminous based felts. MultiTX can be used in conventional ventilated pitched roof construction of both cold and warm roofs, offering excellent temporary protection against the elements.

Suitable for a variety of wind zones and applications, MultiTX is now available in 116-gram MultiTX Plus, 145-gram MultiTX Pro and 190-gram MultiTX Maxi versions, certified by the BBA. MultiTX Solar, explicitly designed for integrated solar roofs, rounds out the family.

Reflectashield® & VapourTX® Thermo

Regarding timber frame, steel frame and modular build-ups, using reflective membranes is one of the most convenient and effective solutions for enhancing thermal performance. Don & Low ensures outstanding results with Reflectashield® and Vapour TX® Thermo.

Reflectashield® is a vapour permeable membrane for the cold side of the insulation, featuring a highly reflective aluminium foil lamination. Thanks to its low emissivity, Reflectashield is ideal for unventilated airspace scenarios. It also serves as a temporary weather-resistant covering until the final façade installation. At the same time, its low vapour resistance aligns with BS5250 regulations, mitigating the risk of harmful condensation build-up within the frame.

VapourTX® Thermo is an advanced vapour control layer (VCL) designed to optimise thermal efficiency across floors, walls and ceilings. Thanks to its highly reflective aluminum foil lamination, VapourTX Thermo excels in creating a low emissivity environment when faced with unventilated airspace. Positioned on the warm side of the insulation, this reflective membrane acts as an airtight barrier, reducing the risk of condensation build-up and ensuring compliance with BS5250 standards.

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