Different Types of Flanges Used in Piping Applications

A flange is a ring manufactured for connecting different pipe sections or connecting pipes to the equipment requiring external joints. These metal parts are modern-day solutions to cast parts. They are available in multiple specifications (sizes, diameters, metals, forms, and measurements) and employ a forging process utilizing stainless steel or carbon steel. However, it is essential to understand different aspects and types of flanges suitable for a particular project. 

Experts at Bullion Pipe explain different aspects of selecting the right fitting flange and the type of flanges available:

Select the right specifications of a stainless steel flange

It is vital to take note of the pipe diameter that will connect to the flange. In addition, you must be aware that these pipe connections may be welded, ERW, or seamless. This information will help you pick the appropriate flanges. Hydraulic piping with stainless steel pipe uses S.S. pipe flanges, fiscs, and rings to increase the system strength. These accessories also support the stainless steel pipe and also avoid the need for welding or screwing the pipe ends.

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Make sure to choose types of flanges relevant to the project’s structure

Stainless steel flanges come in several grades. Items selected by clients should depend on the project requirements and budget. The best quality products must have sturdy construction.

For instance:

Stainless steel 316L and 304L flanges are resistant to corrosion because of the high alloy content (up to 95 percent) in both materials. The chromium-nickel family includes the stainless steel grades SS 316 and 304 resistant to normal corrosion. To be effective, it must be long-lasting, capable of withstanding a broad range of degradation processes, and resistant to most common chemicals.

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Selection Of SS Flange Types From The Market

You may pick from a variety of stainless steel flanges on the market:

SS Slip-On Flanges

The conventional slip-on flange bore size is slightly big than the connecting pipe’s outer diameter because the connecting pipe must slide into the flange before the fillet weld can be applied.

SS Weld Neck Flanges

Stainless steel weld neck flanges find applications in high-pressure and high-temperature applications that need an unobstructed flow. Industrial applications often require these butt-weld end connection flanges to provide a strong connection between components.

SS Blind Flanges

Piping systems needing regular inspections can utilize blind or blank flanges. A flange of this kind can easily handle the strain caused by the operating pressure of the liquid and the pressure passing through the pipe. However, it requires proper pressure selection for the flange.

SS Threaded Flanges

These flanges do not require welding during assembly. Their disassembly is straightforward. However, these flanges do not find applications requiring substantial pressure or temperature.

SS Lap Joint Flanges

These are similar to a slip-on flange but engineered to connect to a stub end, facilitating rotation. Lap joints may help carbon or low-alloy steel pipes retain their mechanical properties, making them more resistant to corrosion. These flanges have a distinct flange face with a radius-rounded interior distinguishing them from slip-on flanges, and the hub is generally taller.

SS Socket-Weld Flanges

These flanges find use in high pressures applications and space constraints. To ensure that the pipe is long-lasting, you must ensure that the flange contains durable internal welds.


Flanges are a vital component of the piping system and require extensive research. Along with selecting the right flange, flange specifications, materials, etc., it is equally important to opt for a reputed flange stockist. 

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