Court fight continues for specialist hit by CCJ blunder

A leading screeding contractor is still fighting to get an incorrect county court judgement wiped from its records seven months after it was lodged against the business.

Directors of Chester based William Lea Ltd are facing a frustrating battle through the court system to repair their credit rating which was hit by a clerical error.

The firm started receiving calls from suppliers last October after the CCJ appeared against its name on industry credit checking services.

William Lea discovered the CCJ had been issued incorrectly against it by the Copyright Licensing Agency.

The agency had made a mistake in completing the form which should have applied the CCJ to a printing firm with a similar name.

But William Lea is still battling to have the incorrect information removed from its credit record seven months later despite the agency starting the long-winded legal process to get it taken-off.

Owner Colin Jones said: “The CCJ that was wrongly allocated to our company is still hanging there seven months later despite all our efforts.

“The solicitors chased the courts again today on our behalf after checking to see whether the change had been made.

“It hasn’t and it is so frustrating to have wade through this process when we are innocent victims.

“Our credit rating is shot to hell through no fault of our own and quite regularly I have to explain the situation to a new supplier or potential client which is embarrassing to say the least.”

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