Convicted Criminal Allowed to be NFRC Member Since Last Year

A CONVICTED CRIMINAL roofer and his company have been allowed to become a NFRC member since last year, it has been revealed.

Ryan Musson and his illegal company Cumbria Roofing were accepted as a roofing contractor member of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) on 5 September 2023.

Three years ago, Ryan Musson, 43, was convicted of fraud and banned from forming or managing a company on 20 April, 2021.

NFRC Member

The cowboy roofer was sentenced to 12 months in jail, suspended for two years. Working as a roofing contractor, and together with his father, Kevin Musson, Ryan took thousands of pounds from his customers and left them with uninhabitable homes.

Ryan Musson was also banned from running a business for 3 years and 6 months. The disqualification from acting as a company director is in place until October 2024.

The roofing industry’s trade association lists the banned roofer as a director of Cumbria Roofing on its membership page on the NFRC website. His NFRC membership number is 42002.

The NFRC website page listing Ryan Musson Director of Cumbria Roofing as a NFRC member.

On the NFRC website, Ryan Musson and Cumbria Roofing are listed as offering domestic pitched roofing slating and tiling. Also fully supported metal roofing are offered across England from the company’s address in Egremont, Cumbria.

Appropriate Action

The revelation was brought to light by another NFRC member, concerned about the industry’s and organisation’s reputation.

The decades-long informant member who wishes to remain anonymous, had brought the fraudster member to NFRC’s attention by emailing them on 4 March 2024.

NFRC’s Head of Membership, Carol Ray replied on 6 March: “Please leave this matter with me and I will investigate the information you have shared and take any appropriate action.”

A month later, Ryan Musson and Cumbria Roofing are still listed on the NFRC website.

Convicted Criminal

On 4 April the concerned NFRC member – now shocked at the lack of action – wrote again to the NFRC stating:

“I see Cumbria Roofing remains a member? Their entry date is September 2023 so one has to wonder how they even got through the vetting process when the controlling parties have criminal convictions as a result of previous activities in roofing? This is serious and threatens the reputation of NFRC and its other, law-abiding members. “

On the same day (4 April 2024), NFRC’s Carol Ray replied: “I do note your concerns and would refer you to my e-mail of the 6 March and re-confirm that matters are in hand.”

As a reputable, professional roofing company the informer member said: “I do appreciate everything has a process but this is glacial for something so straightforward. When NFRC prides itself on the strength of its so-called vetting process too, there are evidently failings.”

NFRC Response

Approached for comment, the NFRC says, “The matter is being investigated and until due process is completed in line with our articles and regulations, we are unable to comment.

“Please can we respectfully ask that you allow our process to reach its conclusion at which point we would be able to respond to any questions you may have in relation to NFRC policy.”

Ryan Musson’s prosecution and conviction are reported on the Government News website here.

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