Parameters to choose a perfect roofing for your home

How to select the perfect roof for your dream project?

Selecting a roof for your dream home or dream project is a crucial part of construction  which always requires advice from an expert engineer. Traditional roofing materials like asbestos cement roofing sheet, circular profile iron sheets are now old fashion and do not suit the existing requirement of users. In the past decade, the Indian roofing industry has undergone a tremendous change. And there are two factors that can be attributed to the primary changes in the roofing sheets market. First, the development of industrial applications in the Indian market. Secondly, customers are disappointed with the existing choices available and are searching for more value from their investment in sheet roofing.

Following are some of the parameters to choose a perfect roofing for your home:

Your building is just as strong as the materials it contains. Ultimately, the quality of protection your roof receives depends on the smart combination of different materials that work together to provide optimum efficiency. With their own collection of pros and cons, different styles of roof sheets come bundled. If perfectly mounted, they can greatly increase the lifespan of any roof type. Here’s a short overview of the most common styles of roofing sheets and their key application areas.

Different Types of Roofing Sheets:

Metal Roof Sheets:

Metal roof sheets are greatly safe to all climate conditions and are uncommonly vigorous and exceptionally difficult to break. As these material sheets are moreover lightweight, this quality does not come at a cost. Metal roof sheets are an extraordinary choice, whether for use on top of a garden building or to adorn your garage and protect your pride and joy. Metal roof sheets, able to withstand high temperatures, are an economical solution. These are available in designs and colours to suit any property. Different profiles are available depending upon requirement i.e. Wave Tile Profile(Kelu sheet), Trapezoidal Profile (Mostly for roofing), Liner profile (mostly suitable for wall cladding). Available in different thicknesses ranging from 0.25 mm to 1.5 mm. It is most commonly a roofing sheet. Some of the varieties of metal sheets are Pre painted Galvanized sheet, Galvalume sheets, PPGI , Colour coated sheets etc.

Plastic Roof Sheets: 

Plastic sheets are available in a variety of substrates like PVC, UPVC, FRP, Polycarbonate, Fiber etc. These sheets are opaque and transparent. Opaque sheets are used in corrosive areas like chemical factories, Salt making units or areas near coastal areas etc. Polycarbonates sheets are mostly used for open stadiums, complexes and green houses or If you plan to exert minimal weight on the rooftop, lightweight plastic designs are best.  If you’re constructing a building that falls into all of these categories, then the best option for you is plastic. This implies that these roofing sheets are extremely resistant to oils, water, solvents and even harsh chemicals, so they can certainly stand up to even the harshest conditions.

Stainless Steel Roofing Sheet:

Highly corrosive areas are being recommended by experts to use stainless steel sheets. Though initial costs are high, users will get good life over the span and would prove cheaper than other material.

Insulated Roofing Sheets:

Thermal efficiency, lifetime durability and fire resistance are characteristic features of sandwich PUF panels manufactured at umbrapanels. A wide range of applications across multiple industrial and commercial platforms has empowered organizations to lead their respective sectors. Insulated sheets are Suitable for diverse applications. It can withstand wind velocity up to Maximum Level and heavy snowfall/rainfall. It can withstand extreme temperatures from -50 degree Celsius to +50 degree Celsius. Umbra PUF having a thermal conductivity of 0.018 kCal prevents cross heat flow between room & outside ambiance. 

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