Championing Carbon-Neutral Cladding

James Latham Dublin leads the charge in ground-breaking, low-carbon industrial development.

JAMES LATHAM DUBLIN (formerly Abbey Woods, part of the James Latham Group), one of the Republic of Ireland’s leading distributors of timber products, played a pivotal role in the development of the pioneering North Dublin Operations Depot.

Providing 1,700m2 of Accoya in bespoke profiles and finishes for the facility’s facades, it’s yet another example of how the James Latham Group is championing sustainable construction in Ireland, as well as the UK. Not only that, it’s a project serving as a definitive proof point of timber’s suitability for hard-wearing exterior applications.

Let’s take a closer look…

Taking Timber Outdoors

There’s little doubt North Dublin Operations Depot is a game-changer for green construction in Ireland. Located in Ballymun, this new facility, owned solely by Dublin City Council, is one of the area’s first buildings to meet the EU’s ‘Nearly Zero-Energy Building’ (NZEB) requirements.

Yet achieving this certification was no small feat, given the ultra-strict design brief: the Depot had to keep energy outputs to a minimum and sustainable building products had to be specified wherever possible

Adding another layer of difficulty, the solution also had to withstand the location’s high levels of wind-driven rain. This led JNP to think particularly carefully about which materials to use, particularly for the extensive cladding required for the depot’s façades.

Fortunately, they struck on the solution with pioneering timber brand, Accoya, approaching trusted distribution partner, James Latham Dublin, to supply it.

High Performance, Low Impact

Accoya is one of the most innovative timber products available on the market, transforming perceptions of the category for external façade systems. Produced by leading sustainable wood solutions manufacturer Accsys, its remarkable durability, derived from an innovative acetylation treatment, made it the perfect fit for the project.

For visual appeal, JNP Architects chose to have the Accoya® specially machined and factory-finished by another James Latham division, Dresser Mouldings, in a mix of Teknos and Sansin coatings. This provided the depot’s vertical and horizontal cladding with further durability and reduced maintenance.

According to the project’s lead architect, Steven Linton: “Confronted with a brief like this, Accoya modified timber supplied by James Latham Dublin was an obvious choice of material to add to our palette.

“Not only that, the James Latham team shared their expertise throughout the process, working with our contractors to ensure correct and best outcomes when using the materials. It’s this accommodating added value service which makes them such a great partner to work with.”

Pointing to a Greener Future

Finally, to ensure every requirement was met, Purcell Construction Ltd, a leading Irish contractor experienced in working with Accoya, was brought onto the project to guarantee its flawless installation.

The result was a building envelope that seamlessly integrates with the rugged beauty of the Irish coastline, marrying form with function. With a 50-year warranty, it met the project’s requirement for a low-maintenance façade system with longevity.

As it’s sustainably sourced and manufactured, Accoya® also embodies Dublin City and Fingal County Councils’ joint commitment to a greener future. A win-win outcome for Ireland’s local government and the planet too – a shining example of the country’s forward-thinking approach to sustainable design.

As Phil Roche, Director at James Latham Dublin, concludes: “This project captured our imagination. Rather than a hindrance, the strict sustainability brief provided a welcome chance to showcase how timber can now compete shoulder-to-shoulder with materials like concrete, glass, and metal, offering comparable durability with far lower embodied emissions.

“Accoya, with its impressive low carbon footprint and incredible strength, made it a no-brainer, not only that, but it looks great too.”

Discover more about Accoya® and its timber solutions here.

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