Steel Industry Trends for 2023

While the steel industry does have some potential risks for 2023, the overall trends and predictions indicate that the sector should maintain its strength coming into the new year. Current Supply Chain Issues  Supply chain hold-ups may have a lasting impact going into 2023. Many businesses and consumers are noticing a shortage of goods and

Benefits of Hydrogen-Powered Steel Production

Steel is responsible for nearly 9% of carbon emissions worldwide because it has traditionally been heavily reliant on coal. To make a real impact on the Earth’s atmosphere, large global industries like the steel industry need to invest in new ways of producing their materials. Read more Helps with Decarbonization Decarbonization is a method of

How Would a Railroad Strike Affect the Steel Industry?

Many industries heavily rely on railroad transportation for their materials and products. Recently, unions and institutions helped avoid a strike that had the potential to cost the economy billions of dollars each day and strongly emphasized some of the weaknesses in our supply chain.  Fragility in the Supply Chain This potential nationwide railroad strike could