Builders demand an end to police plant bans

The National Federation of Builders is calling for an end to police bans on moving mobile cranes and large plant on the country’s roads.

The Enquirer revealed last month that police forces across the country had implemented bans this Easter.

Crane and plant hire firms fear police forces are increasingly looking to prohibit their movements.

Now the NFB is adding its voice to the debate with demands to revamp the current system of travel bans.

Rico Wojtulewicz, Head of Policy and Market Insight, said: “With so many issues across the industry, from the cost of materials, and shrinking pool of workers, to a broken planning process and increased insolvencies, we need the Government to act quickly and sort out this mess.

“A temporary Written Ministerial Statement removing all embargoes on travel for abnormal loads would give the Government time and space to have a consultation on how travel restrictions should work nationally.

“Letting local police forces and councils make decisions on travel embargoes, particularly when they are not providing evidence of their rationale, is creating a logistical nightmare and another major barrier for UK productivity.”

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