Bhogapuram Airport: On Track for December 2025 Completion

Construction of the Bhogapuram Airport is well underway, with a scheduled completion date set for December 2025. Dr. KS Jawahar Reddy, the Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh, recently conducted an inspection of the airport’s construction site, urging officials to expedite the process to meet the established deadline. During the inspection, various key aspects of the airport, such as the terminal building, runway, and air traffic control centre, were reviewed to ensure that progress aligns with the proposed timeline.

Representatives from the GMR group, responsible for the project, provided detailed explanations regarding the ongoing construction activities. Currently, approximately 25% of the work has been completed, indicating steady progress towards the ambitious goal. With concerted efforts and efficient management, officials are optimistic about achieving operational readiness by December 2025, six months ahead of the originally planned inauguration.

Anticipating the airport’s opening in April 2026, it is projected to initially serve six million passengers annually. Subsequent phases of development aim to expand its capacity to accommodate 12 million and 18 million passengers, respectively. This significant infrastructure project is poised to be a transformative milestone for Andhra Pradesh, ushering in economic growth, attracting investments, fostering real estate development, and bolstering tourism in the region.

Upon its completion, the Bhogapuram Airport, situated between Vizag and Bhogapuram and spanning a vast area, will symbolise a new era of connectivity and progress for the state. Moreover, its operationalization will mark the decommissioning of the current Visakhapatnam International Airport, currently managed by the Indian Navy, further emphasising the importance and impact of this ambitious endeavour on the region’s aviation landscape and economic trajectory.

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