Bauder Announces New Managing Directors

BAUDER has announced the appointments of Yvonne Higgins and John Llewellyn as the new Managing Directors. They succeed Andrew Mackenzie who stepped down from the position a year ago.

The last twelve months have seen Yvonne and John transition into the roles, fully supported by Andy.

John and Yvonne both have extensive backgrounds at Bauder with proven track records and each with a wealth of experience in leadership roles within the company.

New Managing Directors

Speaking on the announcement, Yvonne Higgins, said: “We see our positions characterised by focusing on collaboration, business and employee development, fostering a culture of excellence, and embedding a passion for delivering exceptional results to continue the growth and success Bauder has experienced over the last twenty years with Andy leading the UK company.”

Adding his thoughts, John Llewellyn, said: “We are delighted to have been chosen to lead Bauder into a new future in the UK and Ireland, Yvonne with her vast knowledge of the operational side of the business and myself drawing on my experience in the roofing industry to evolve our best customer satisfaction sales strategies. Together we will explore new avenues for growth and drive the overall strategic direction of the company.

“We also want to personally thank Andy for all his support through our evolution to Managing Directors and especially for the strength, drive, dedication and vision he has faithfully bestowed on leading Bauder UK since 2001.”

In response, Andy Mackenzie, commented: “Since joining Bauder, there have been significant changes in the construction industry, the economic environment, and as a European company in the roofing sector; and through this, Bauder has grown dramatically. None of this would have been possible without the hard work of my amazing colleagues but also the huge amount of support received from our Approved Contractor network. I am delighted that Yvonne and John will take the company forward into a new future and thrilled that they have the full support of all within Bauder.”

John and Yvonne assumed their roles in August 2023, a little earlier than the expected January 2024, and their appointments mark an exciting chapter in the evolution of Bauder.

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