Arup and Aecom on board for £1bn Lincolnshire powerline

Arup and Aecom have been appointed to deliver management of the environmental impact assessment work for National Grid’s Grimsby to Walpole upgrade project.

The £1bn upgrade project will build a new high voltage overhead line in Lincolnshire, including new pylons and substations.

The connection will deliver increased capacity along the eastern side of England.

It will include a new 400 kV overhead transmission line for 140km between Grimsby West and the Walpole area, and new 400 kV substations to integrate offshore capacity onto the national transmission system.

Kate Hall, Arup Regional Board Director, said: “Building on our strong relationship with AECOM and National Grid, we will help deliver decarbonisation of the energy system through projects such as Grimsby to Walpole.

The transition to a zero-carbon economy and decarbonisation of the built environment for the health of our planet, is a fundamental driver for Arup. We believe the upgrade to the transmission network is key to allowing the integration of offshore renewables in reducing carbon emissions.”

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