A Complete Guide to Steel Building Eave Height

Metal buildings are an excellent option for a wide range of needs. Whether you need a commercial building to add storage to your property, expand your business’s production lines, or more, a steel building can meet your needs.

However, your building must fit your needs in terms of size, interior space, and other customization. One of the most basic considerations you’ll need to account for is the eave height of your steel building.

This article will provide an overview of steel building eave height options. You will learn how to measure steel building height, determine the correct roof pitch for your steel structure, and more.

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Eave Height: Planning and Construction

When you begin to plan the construction of a metal building, you must consider the general purpose of your structure. How you intend to use your building will help determine its size and shape.

Consider your building’s height, width, and length. Your metal building height is crucial. Generally, metal structures are one or two-story buildings. Most buildings are between 12 and 40 feet in height.

However, you may expand the height of your building quite a bit. In many cases, extending the height of a metal building up to 100 feet is possible. This height can allow for multiple stories or a single open space that can house large equipment.

There are two factors to keep in mind when determining the optimal height of your building. First, you must consider leg height. Leg height refers to the height inside the building. The leg height of the structure will determine the peak of the building.

Second, you must consider eave height. Eave height refers to the point where the roof line and walls connect. Your building’s eave height will affect its door heights and other features, and it can impact how you use your metal building.

Which Steel Building Height is Right for My Needs?

Prefabricated metal building kits are available in various sizes, shapes, and floor plans. Metal buildings are often the most durable and cost-effective choice for industrial, commercial, and personal needs. A wide variety of customizable options can help you find the right metal building for your project.

You must choose the correct metal building size to meet your needs. Considering your options carefully can ensure you can continue using your metal building for decades.

It’s important to consider how you will use your metal building. Think about getting people, equipment, or goods in and out of your building. For example, if you plan to use your structure as storage for an RV, boat, or other vehicle, you may need oversized doors and indoor clearance.

How you intend to use the steel building will impact its eave and peak height. You must also consider other factors, including:

Local building codes
Maximum height restrictions in your area
Local zoning laws

Always apply for all necessary permits before beginning construction of a metal building. Consult with the experts at Titan Steel Structures before or during construction for guidance.

Measuring the Height of a Metal Building

There are many types of metal buildings with one or more stories. Local codes dictate the maximum height of a structure. It’s crucial to check your local zoning laws before beginning construction.

Standard eave heights are typically sufficient for office spaces, small storage, and other projects that do not require especially high ceilings. Production lines requiring cranes, large vehicle storage, and other projects may require much higher ceiling heights.

The height of the roof pitch determines the building’s height. When considering eave heights, you must factor in an additional two feet of height above the highest door opening.

There are many types of steel structures, each with its own floor plan and size. In some types, such as a single-slope steel building, the peak may be off-center.

This shape makes the building self-supporting and creates an ideal surface for solar panels. Because of the sloping roof, the eave height of an asymmetrical building will vary.

If you plan on building a metal building, the eave height and roof peak are critical aspects of construction. Contact the specialists at Titan Steel Structures now to learn about measuring the height of your metal building or for guidance during construction.

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