6 Reasons Steel Building Kits Are an Eco-Friendly Option

With so much focus on the environment and climate change, many people are looking for creative, eco-friendly solutions when building new residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

The popularity of steel is growing steadily because it offers durability, adaptability, and quicker construction. But you may be surprised to learn that steel is actually one of the most eco-friendly building materials available today.

Learn why steel building kits are an environmentally-friendly way to build a wide range of structures. To talk about your project or explore your building options, reach out to the expert team at Titan Steel Structures today.

Why Are Steel Building Kits an Eco-Friendly Option?

If you’re considering building a new home, office building, sports facility, or other types of structure for personal or commercial use, you may be wondering how to build in the most eco-friendly way. Why not consider a steel building kit? Here are six reasons steel building kits are an eco-friendly option for many projects.

1. Less construction waste

Construction typically uses a lot of materials and energy and can produce massive amounts of waste. Wood often arrives at a construction site in bundles and is cut as construction progresses. Excess materials are rarely reused or recycled, meaning they often end up clogging up landfills.

Steel building kits are different. Each steel component of the building kit has a purpose, meaning there is little to no material waste. Every piece of steel is measured, pre-cut, pre-drilled, and ready to be assembled, meaning there is no guessing, no mistakes, and no pieces being thrown out.

2. Recyclable

Steel is durable and withstands a range of environmental pressures. It won’t warp, rust, buckle, or lose strength or integrity over time. This makes steel one of the most recyclable building materials available. In fact, about 98% of the steel used to construct steel building kits can be reused later.

3. Lower energy costs

Steel building kits are an eco-friendly option from construction to finish and beyond. Because steel buildings are so strong, they can support more insulation than other traditional building materials, like wood. Thicker layers of insulation mean better heat retention in the winter months and less energy to cool the building when temps soar. The result? You’ll be able to set the thermostat lower while staying comfortable and saving almost ⅓ on your energy bills. More savings for you equal less impact on the planet–a real win-win.

4. Less maintenance

While less maintenance may seem like a benefit for you, it’s also a massive win for the environment. Steel is a durable building material that can withstand the environmental stressors of many climates, meaning less maintenance and fewer repairs over time. Earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards, and other harsh conditions have little impact on a steel building.

Steel is excellent at repelling moisture that can allow mold to flourish. Buildings constructed with steel building kits won’t decay, warp, or harbor pests and bacteria and can resist flood damage better than other materials.

Less damage and fewer repairs mean less energy, money, and materials spent maintaining your building over its lifetime.

5. Meeting green building codes

Any building is an investment of time and money–why wouldn’t you want to know its value will increase over time? Steel buildings have unmatched structural integrity and require less costly maintenance over time. At the end of your building’s life, you can recycle nearly all the steel used to build it.

Steel building kits meet many of the highest sustainability standards and are recognized in all major green rating programs. Far more sustainable than wood buildings, steel structures represent the future of eco-friendly construction.

As consumers’ interests change and adapt to a more environmentally-conscious market, steel buildings are poised to increase in value. In fact, some estimates suggest their values are likely to double in the coming years.

6. Solar options

Since steel buildings can support more weight from insulation and other materials, you can consider adding solar panels during construction or anytime afterward. Once considered a passing trend, solar panels are now standard in many parts of the world and gaining popularity in the United States.

Solar panels can reduce your energy costs and impact on the environment. You’ll notice savings on your energy bill and feel good about making the switch to renewable energy.

There are many reasons to choose a steel building kit for your next project. Choosing a steel building can mean less stress, lower costs, and a smaller carbon footprint.

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