6 Most Popular Sizes for a Metal Horse Barn

Many people are making the switch from traditional building materials to metal. The main reason is because metal is a highly durable material. Metal buildings are long-lasting and reliable.

People use metal buildings for many purposes. One of the most popular uses for prefabricated metal buildings is equestrian structures. The United States is home to more than 7 million horses. People use metal buildings for tack rooms, riding arenas, and steel horse barns.

Metal horse barns are large structures with no basement, a high ceiling, and wide open spaces. Metal horse barn sizes come in a wide range, allowing ample space to comfortably house horses.

At Titan Steel Structures, we offer our clients a wide range of metal building sizes. You can choose the dimension based on the number of stalls and horses you are housing.

What are the Top 6 Metal Horse Barn Sizes?

Barn buildings come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. The best material to use for a horse barn is metal. Metal buildings offer open floor plans, allowing for large center aisles and extra stalls. Deciding what dimension to use depends on the number of horses you have.

The top 6 metal horse barn sizes include:

1. 25×40 Metal Horse Barns

25×40 is the most popular dimension for people with 2 to 3 horses. This dimension offers 1,000 feet of square footage for you to use.

This size barn kit is ideal if you are looking to have three 12×12 stalls on one side of the building. Additionally, you will still have extra space for storing tack and feed.

2. 40×40 Metal Horse Barns

40×40 metal horse barns are ideal for individuals who have 4 to 6 horses. These metal building kits offer you 1,600 square feet of open space. If you are looking for a little extra room, you should consider our 40×40 kits.

With a 40×40 horse barn, you can fit about six 12×12 stalls in the building. This means you will have three stalls on each side of your horse barn. Additionally, it allows ample space for a 12-foot aisle in the middle of your barn.

3. 25×100 Metal Horse Shelters

If you have 6 to 8 horses or want a bigger barn in general, our 25×100 dimension is a good option. This size of horse barn offers 2,500 square feet for you to conduct your business in. In other words, you will have plenty of space to groom, tack, and care for your horses.

This dimension is perfect for having 8 12×12 stalls on one side of the barn. You can use the other side of your barn for storing tack and feed.

4. 40×64 Metal Horse Shelters

40×64 metal horse shelters offer tons of space. You can fit up to 10 horses in this size of barn. Additionally, you will have plenty of room to spend time with your horses.

40×64 metal horse barns provide 2,560 square feet. This is a similar amount of space as the 25×100 option. However, the layout will be different, making room for more activity on the inside.

Instead of having all of your horse stalls on one side, you will have 5 on each side. Additionally, there is room for a 12-foot middle aisle. If you do not have 10 horses, you can use one or two of the stalls to store tack and feed.

5.40×100 Metal Horse Buildings

If you have more than 10 horses, you might want to choose Titan Steel Structure’s 40×100 dimension. This offers 4,000 square feet that can house up to 16 horses.

40×100 metal horse buildings can have 16 12×12 horse stalls. Additionally, you will have plenty of room to include wash racks and tack and feed storage.

This dimension is ideal for a person who needs a lot of space or has a large amount of horses. Most people with this dimension are conducting an equestrian business, like trail riding or training.

6. 60×100 Metal Horse Buildings

If you are running a business like a riding arena, trail riding, or horse boarding, you should choose our 60×100 dimension. You will receive 6,000 square feet of space to house your horses and supplies.

Most people choose to have 8 12×12 stalls on each side of their building. This leaves room for a 12-foot center aisle. Additionally, you will have the space to house employees in living quarters if you choose fewer stalls.

What are the Benefits of Using Metal for a Horse Barn?

Metal is incredibly durable, saving you money on yearly repairs. It is also strong enough to withstand severe weather. This is an incredible benefit if you live in an area of the country that commonly sees natural disasters.

The main benefits of using metal for a new horse barn include:

Little to no maintenance
Easy and fast construction
Highly customizable
Extremely durable
Structural integrity
Options for expansion and portability
Climate-controlled and easily insulated
Financially friendly option

One of the biggest benefits of using metal for a horse barn is the clear span design. These buildings do not require large interior support beams, saving you square footage to use freely. Additionally, you can choose tons of customization options, like large barn doors or specialized viewing windows.

Get a Customized Quote on a Metal Horse Barn Today

Metal buildings are ideal for plenty of purposes, including living quarters for horses. These buildings are durable, highly customizable, and environmentally friendly.

If you are interested in creating a pre-engineered metal horse barn or would like to learn more about the sizes available, contact Titan Steel Structures. Our expert engineers can help you create a customized quote to begin the planning process.

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