5 Advantages of Choosing Steel for an Indoor Basketball Court

Whether you want to build an indoor basketball court for your home or your business, there are a few things you have to consider. One of the most important choices you will make is the type of material you use for the building. While it’s possible to use a wood frame or brick for your building material, steel is always the best choice.

Understanding the top 5 advantages of choosing steel for your indoor basketball court can help make your planning and design process much easier.

1. Clear Span Design

Steel building kits do not require large support beams, which means you do not have to have any obstructions to your interior space. A clear span design is ideal for an indoor basketball court, making room for courts, seating, benches, and more.

Typically, indoor basketball courts are 80×100, 100×100, 100×200, or 200×400. Choosing steel will allow you to fully take advantage of the square footage you have inside your building.

Additionally, this much open space will allow you to customize your indoor basketball court to your liking. If you need extra storage rooms for basketball supplies or want to have multiple courts to use, you can design your space however you see fit.

Important features of an indoor basketball court that are easy to include with a clear-span design steel building:

High-quality flooring
Adjustable height basketball hoops
Acrylic latex paint
Basketball equipment storage rooms
Locker rooms
Bathrooms and showers

2. Easy to Control Temperature

When people are playing a sport like basketball, they must be able to stay cool. That is one of the main advantages of creating an indoor basketball court. While it can be difficult to keep other types of large buildings cool during the summer, steel buildings make it incredibly easy to control the interior temperature.

Because of the way steel buildings are designed, it’s easy to insulate your building effectively. Keeping the players and the courts cool even on the hottest days will not be an issue. You will also save tons of money on electric bills throughout the years.

3. Durability

Whether you are creating an indoor basketball court at your home or your new gym, you want to make sure it will withstand the tests of time. Building an indoor basketball court can be expensive, so it’s important that it can hold up during weather emergencies or natural disasters. Thankfully, steel is a highly durable material, so if you choose to use it for your indoor basketball courts you will not have to worry about heavy rain, strong winds, or even fire causing damage.

If you live in an area of the country that experiences severe weather, like Florida and its hurricanes, choosing a steel building could save you from experiencing extensive damage.

4. Little to No Maintenance Required

Steel buildings have life-extending wall and roof coatings on the exterior that help to retain their color and resist dirt or debris. This prevents you from having to worry about yearly maintenance costs to keep the exterior of your basketball courts looking sharp.

Additionally, because steel is an inorganic material, pests like termites will not infest your building. Even further, mold and mildew do not grow on unnatural materials like steel. This lowers your yearly maintenance costs even further, especially if you live in a humid environment like the South or the Pacific Northwest.

By saving you money in yearly maintenance costs, choosing a steel building can ensure that you have extra finances put away to either expand your courts in the future or upgrade your equipment more frequently.

5. Easy to Install Light Fixtures

Lastly, the lighting in your indoor basketball courts is extremely important. You don’t want your light fixtures to be too low, as they can get in the way of basketball players and the ball itself. Even further, the most concentrated point of illumination from your lights should fall outside of the field of play so that the basketball players can see what they are doing.

When you choose a steel building kit, everything is highly customizable. This means that your light fixtures can be considered and included in the earliest stages of design to ensure that they are in the exact positioning they should be in from the get-go.

Steel Sports Buildings With Titan Steel Structures

If you are looking to build an indoor basketball court or sports building, you should consider using a steel building kit. While there are tons of steel building kit businesses, Titan Steel Structures can provide you with everything you need to make the design and building process run smoothly.

At Titan Steel Structures, we have 12+ years of insight and strategy experience, 15+ years of location research, and 20+ years of local codes, loads, and architectural design CAD. We offer various steel building types, ranging from automotive buildings to recreational buildings. Each building brings its own unique and sturdy design, special features, and customizable options.

To learn more about how we can help you create your new indoor basketball court, contact Titan Steel Structures today.

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