25m x 76m Prefab Steel Warehouse

25m x 76m Prefab Steel Warehouse

We designed the 25m x 76m prefab steel warehouse according to customer requirements, with a height of 6 meters. The structural dimensions are designed reasonably, and the internal storage space is ample, solid, and durable. The walls are made of horizontal composite panels, which is beautiful and practical.

The primary function of a 25m x 76m prefab steel warehouse is to store goods. The design of the warehouse also varies greatly depending on the storage needs of different goods. The most essential thing in a warehouse is planning and layout. Reasonable planning and layout are the basis for a fully functional and well-equipped warehouse. Designing a sensible and practical warehouse can improve efficiency and productivity.

The main components of the 25m x 76m prefab steel warehouse:

Main structure:


The main load-bearing structural components of steel structures are the columns. Standard industrial factory steel columns are processed and manufactured from welded H-shaped steel.


Together with columns, they form a load-bearing system. Steel beams are generally made of H-shaped steel.

Wind-resistant column

A simple personal understanding is to transfer loads and connect functions.

Secondary Structure:

Roof Bracing:

The roof, made of round steel, will increase its overall stiffness, the chord’s calculated length out of the plane will be reduced, steel will be saved, and the chord’s lateral stability will increase.

Column Bracing:

The primary function of the inter-column bracing is to improve the lateral stiffness of the prefab steel warehouse. Simply put, it is used with the horizontal support to jointly enhance the overall longitudinal stiffness and stability of the warehouse building.

Pipe strut

The primary function of the pipe strut is to improve the overall stiffness of the structure, enable the structure to play a spatial role and ensure the structure’s geometric stability and the pressure-bearing components’ lateral stability. It is usually made of round tubes.


Its function transfers the roof and wall load to the beams and columns through the purlins, usually C-shaped and Z-shaped steel.

Sag rod

Reduce the purlins’ lateral deformation and torsion and improve the purlins’ bearing capacity. The sag rods are generally made of round steel.

Roof and wall panels

It is mainly protective and generally made of corrugated metal sheets or sandwich panels.

The design of the 25m x 76m prefab steel warehouse mainly considers the following aspects:

Based on the size of the customer’s site, nature of goods, throughput and climatic conditions, etc., plan the warehouse size, reasonable span, height, and reasonable frame structure, and determine the essential performance of the warehouse, such as wind and snow load, earthquake resistance, etc.

Conducive to job optimization. Fully reflect the rational operation of the warehouse, which is conducive to realizing one-time operations, reducing the number of loading and unloading, shortening the transportation distance, and keeping the shortest transportation distance; maintaining straight line operations and avoiding circuitous and reverse operations; designing reasonable exits and entrances to ensure that logistics vehicles can enter and exit quickly and facilitate Supervision and management.

Facilitate cargo storage and management. According to the different properties of the goods, reasonable lighting and ventilation should be designed, and various storage spaces should be set up according to the properties of the goods. Carry out reasonable anti-corrosion and fire protection design.

According to customer requirements, select appropriate wall and roof panels to ensure aesthetics and practical performance. Within a reasonable budget, choose thermal insulation materials to make the indoor temperature stable and comfortable, more suitable for cargo storage, and a relaxed working environment.

Make layout adjustments according to other customer requirements. For example, the centralized layout of water and electricity, drainage pipes layout, traffic design, etc.

Designing a reasonable prefab steel structure warehouse requires carefully considering many aspects, not just a simple quotation and production process. What we care more about is giving customers a better experience. A well-designed steel structure warehouse is beautiful, elegant, economical, practical, and has a long service life.

Advantages of prefab steel warehouse

1. Short construction period and low labor cost.

Most components of steel structure warehouses are produced individually in factories. Only hoisting, splicing, and welding are required to meet some manufacturers’ urgent storage needs during construction quickly.

2. Demolition is convenient and environmentally friendly.

Because the steel structure warehouse is very flexible in design, it produces less sand and dust during construction, which can reduce pollution to the local air and environment. The construction noise is also more minor compared to concrete warehouses. In addition, the steel structure warehouse is easy to move; recycling is pollution-free and in line with sustainable development.

3. The building is stable and has good overall rigidity.

The stability of the warehouse is essential. The roof structure of the steel structure warehouse uses a triangular roof truss system made of cold-formed steel components. After the light steel components are sealed with structural plates and gypsum boards, they form a powerful ” Plate rib structure system.” This structure is suitable for areas with seismic intensity above 8 degrees.

4. It occupies a small area and has a large usable area.

The function of the warehouse is to store things. The interior of the steel structure warehouse does not use column supports like the concrete warehouse to have more space for storage.

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