25 groundworks firms win £100m Places for People deal

Housing group Places for People has picked its line-up of groundworks contractors to deliver new-build homes projects homes across England and Scotland.

Around 25 firms have secured places on the groundworks panel of firms across four main regions for the affordable homes provider.

M&J Evans Construction, Carmac (Building & Civil Engineering), Churngold Construction and John Reilly Civil Engineering featured with the greatest number of places across the framework.

The 230,000-home association has set itself the goal of working towards developing 5,000 new homes a year.

This would make it the biggest developer of homes in the housing association sector, exceeding L&Q’s record of over 4,000 completions two years ago.

Places for People last year completed nearly 1,800 homes, of which around 1,000 were affordable tenures.


East Anglia (including Cambridge, Norfolk and Suffolk)

M & J Evans; Carmac; A D Bly Construction; LMH (Civil Engineering); Landmark Civil Engineering; Coinford Central;

Central & North (including Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Greater London and Essex North)

Carmac; A D Bly Construction; John Reilly Civil Engineering; Houlihan & Co; Coinford Central; M & J Evans;

South (including Surrey, Kent, East & West Sussex and Essex South)

A D Bly Construction; Coinford Central; Parchow Groundworks; John Reilly Civil Engineering; M & J Evans; Houlihan & Co


North (including Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire)

Carmac; M & J Evans; Natta Building Company; Churngold Construction;

South (including Berkshire, Hampshire and Dorset)

Churngold Construction; John Reilly Civil Engineering; Parchow Groundworks; M & J Evans; Natta Building Company;

West (including Somerset and Devon)

Carmac; Churngold Construction; John Reilly Civil Engineering; Parchow Groundworks; Natta Building Company; M & J Evans;


Central (Midlands)

C3 Construction; Carmac; Chasetown Civil Engineering; LMH (Civil Engineering); M Lambe Construction; M & J Evans ;

North (including North West, North East and Yorkshire)

Advance Construction (Scotland); Chasetown Civil Engineering; Churngold Construction; M Lambe; M & J Evans;


Central Belt (Edinburgh and Glasgow)

Front Line Construction; GGK Contracts; Keystone Construction Scotland; RJT Excavations; Tough Construction; Advance Construction (Scotland);

North (Aberdeen and Inverness)

JKR Contractors; UBCIVILS; WM Donald

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