2023 Single Ply Systems Supplement

The Roofing Today 2023 Single Ply Systems Supplement brings you up to date with all the latest technologies, case studies and guidance for single ply roofing.

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With a foreword by the Single Ply Roofing Association (SPRA) CEO, Ronan Brunton, in the first article from the SPRA, Ronan explains the regulatory changes now underway affecting the single ply sector and how SPRA is supporting its members to evidence workforce competence and meet client requirements.

Recticel talks us through taking a fabric first approach to achieve thermal performance beyond the regulations in a stunning coastal new build.

Looking at fastening systems, EJOT describes how selecting the right tools and fasteners can save time and money on cut to falls insulation.

Elevate explains how technological advances are helping single ply roofers to overcome challenges and improve the bottom line.

In the first of his two articles, Anthony Hogan, SPRA Technical Manager provides a useful examination of the Building Regulations ADB: Fire Safety and the provisions it makes for single ply roofing.

Anticipating the changes coming down the line, Anthony argues in his final article that health and safety must remain at the heart of competence in roofing.

Bauder provides a case study on how single ply was used as part of a green roof to provide a sustainable and stunningly attractive CABI HQ.

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