Benefits of using color coated profile sheet

Constructing a building either for a domestic purpose or for a commercial purpose requires a stable and strong roof. Each part of the building needs to have the ability to withstand adverse climatic conditions and external deterioration caused due to climatic changes. Recently, in industrial and urban areas, development in technology has created various options in terms of roofing materials. Among these, color coated roofing sheets have gained popularity in the construction field lately. This is largely due to their durability and flexibility which helps with the installation.

Color coated roofing sheets are available in different shapes and sizes according to the application and can be used at different places such as offices, car parking, warehouses, industrial building, restaurants, garages, godowns, manufacturing industries etc. it comes with a wide range of benefits, some of which are mentioned below.


Weather Resistant:

These sheets are designed using various materials that are good at withstanding adverse weather conditions; they won’t fade when exposed to heavy winds, rain, or bright sunlight.  Harsh summers or winters or heavy rainfall conditions are also unable to affect the life of these roofing sheets and they can remain intact for many years to come.



These sheets are easy to handle because of their flexibility. It offers several grades including high tensile steel with a yield strength of min. 550 mpa and max. 700 mpa to meet the need of various applications. They are easy to work with which makes the installation process much easier. These sheets can be customized according to the construction requirement and can be designed into varying shapes.


Since these sheets are usually made with lightweight materials such as steel, aluminum they have very low weight while being strong and sturdy at the same time. 

Corrosion Resistant:

Colour coated aluminum roofing sheets are highly resistant to corrosion which makes them the best material to be used in all types of environmental conditions. Since there is no deterioration through rust, this improves their overall life and reduces maintenance. 


Thermal Insulation:

Because of the paint on top these sheets do not conduct heat easily which makes them the perfect choice during summers as they do not let the heat from outside enter the building and helps maintain a cool environment inside.


The color coated sheets are weather proof and corrosion resistant, withstand all kinds of temperature and environmental conditions which increases their durability and makes them last for years.

Environment Friendly:

These roofing sheets can be completely recycled in the future, unlike plastic or fibre materials. They can always be melted and processed to make other roofing products which is why they are absolutely environment friendly.

Aesthetic look:


Colour coated roofing sheets are aesthetically pleasing to look at. They are available in different colours of choice which improve the overall visual appeal of the building and make it more attractive.