UK Roofing Census Invites Participants

NOW INVITING roofers and contractors, the UK Roofing Census is investigating trends and attitudes in the industry to help shape its development for years to come.

The UK Roofing Census is a national, online questionnaire surveying the UK roofing sector’s perspectives, opinions and status.

Conducted by roofing community group, Master Roofers UK, the Roofing Census will provide insight on the common trends and behaviour of roofing employees, contractors, and companies.

Stewart Rowles, Managing Director at Master Roofers UK

Master Roofers UK Managing Director, Stewart Rowles, said, “The UK Roofing Census is a first for the industry. It is the biggest and broadest survey of the UK roofing sector ever undertaken and will help shape industry developments for years to come.

“We’re not just interested in business prospects, important though they are, we also want to explore the trends, perspectives and attitudes of roofers and contractors so that no part of the industry is missed.”

UK Roofing Census

The questionnaire is aimed at two groups, distinguishing between decision-makers, such as directors and business owners; and those who are employed and doing the physical roofing work in the field.

Overall, there are four key areas of focus:

Participants will be asked about their activities at work, as well as their opinions on work hours, work practices and their employment status. Questions will include contract types, disciplines covered, personnel totals, and work vehicles.
Another subject area focuses on the materials and tools which are commonly used by roofers. Detailed inquiries about buying habits, sources, functions, delivery schedules, as well as yearly costs and spending will be included.
The next census area asks about the organisational structure of businesses. This focuses on how the business is being managed on a daily basis, invoicing systems, and quotations.
The final key census element investigates finances and earnings of contractors and their workforces: including wages, rates, and turnover.

Participants who complete the census are entered into a prize draw to win a variety of prizes, including clothing, work gear, gift cards, and roofing tools.

The UK Roofing Census closes at the end of May, 2023. Results will be completely anonymised and no personal data will be disclosed.


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