Take Care on PPE Warning After Face Mask Sentence

NEWS THAT A COMPANY DIRECTOR was sentenced to nine months in jail for selling substandard face masks is a reminder that businesses should take care when sourcing PPE, says the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF).

In July 2022, Hull Cleaning Ltd and its director, Paul Scott-South, pleaded guilty to selling defective KN95 masks during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The convictions were secured under the PPE and Consumer Protection legislation on 24 February, 2023.

Paul Scott-South was imprisoned for 9 months and fined £5000 with £5000 costs. In sentencing, the judge made it clear how serious he considered the case and the potential risk to users of the company’s “useless” face masks.

The BSIF supported Trading Standards in the prosecution, providing product testing from an approved laboratory and advice and expert witness statements.

Take Care on PPE

BSIF CEO Alan Murray, said: “This case highlights how easily substandard and defective PPE can find its way onto the market and what a serious concern that is.

“We are pleased to see that in this instance the company’s actions have resulted in prosecution but, as our latest non-member tests results show, there is still a large volume of non-compliant products for sale in the UK market, which is being bought and used by unsuspecting customers.

“Once again, we urge all buyers and specifiers to review their current processes and consider what assurances they have that the PPE and safety equipment they are being supplied with is fit for purpose.

“Specifying a Registered Safety Supplier is the easiest way to ensure you only deal with compliant, competent and trustworthy suppliers.”

See the full list of Registered Safety Suppliers.


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