Survey Reveals Over Half of Construction Workers Considering Teaching FE

SIXTY-ONE PERCENT of construction workers said they would consider teaching in further education (FE) part time in order to meet their career goals and motivations, according to a recent survey by the Teach in Further Education campaign.

The survey shows 35% of adults want to reinvigorate their career in 2023 in order to improve their work well-being, mental health and happiness levels. When it comes to the construction industry, this rises to 65% of people who want to mix up their careers.

The research shows that the top three motivators for the need for change are:

19% are looking to increase their happiness
18% are looking for a better work-life balance
17% are looking to improve their mental and work well-being

Other reasons that came out strongly in the research included professionals wanting to stay within their current industry and wanting to do something different by inspiring others.

Many survey respondents said they are looking to take control of their careers, with almost one in five wanting to shake up their current day-to-day working and try something new, whilst others are keen to explore what more they can do within their current industry or using their existing skill set in new ways (22%), such as teaching.

Teach in Further Education Campaign

Launched in 2022, the Teach in Further Education campaign aims to showcase how teaching part time in further education alongside a current role gives industry professionals the opportunity to reinvigorate their career and change up their working lives without changing careers. And, with flexible work available, FE teachers can shape how they work to achieve their desired work/life balance.

With a huge range of courses and qualifications taught in FE from digital, business and law to construction or manufacturing, no matter the industry, there is a teaching role in further education to match.

Simon Parker, who teaches T-Levels and Carpentry and Joinery subjects at South Essex College, said: “I worked for myself and built up a good business, designing and fitting kitchens and bathrooms. After 25 years as a business owner, I felt I needed a change for my mental and financial health, and wanted to do something with my experience. I found a job at a local college, teaching kitchen and bathroom installation apprentices.

“I think lots of people lack the confidence to teach and don’t realise they already have the skills they need. In fact, you’re well placed to deliver the courses because you have come from the relevant industry with real world experience. And you can start teaching in FE before you’ve gained your teaching qualifications too, which gave me the opportunity to earn whilst training on the job.”

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