SSQ’s Sustainability Commitment Sees it Included in BRE’s Green Book

THE COMMITTMENT TO SUSTAINABILITY of natural slate supplier, SSQ has been included in BRE’s authoritative Green Book of sustainable construction suppliers.

SSQ’s Environmental Product Declaration was found to be in accordance with the requirements of EN 15804:2012+A1:2013 and the BRE Global Scheme Document SD207.

As a result, the company and its celebrated Riverstone phyllite has been added to the BRE Green Book. The Green Book is a free-to-use database designed to help specifiers identify products that reduce their impact on the environment.

SSQ Sustainability

“Slate was already a natural, eco-friendly material that’s been used sustainably in construction for centuries,” comments SSQ Managing Director Ahmed El-Helw.

“Unlike synthetic materials like plastics or composites, it doesn’t require any chemical processing, or the furnacing of clay and other man-made alternatives.

“It’s durability also means a quality slate roof will last the same time as two or three made from less robust materials – again reducing environmental impact.

“However, like all businesses, we know there’s more we could be doing. That’s why we’ve been investigating ways to cut carbon emissions across our operation in recent years.

“For example, we’ve previously invested extensively in carbon-offsetting to achieve net zero across our British and Argentinian operations.

“We’re delighted that our efforts have been recognised with our inclusion in BRE’s Green Book.”


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