Cable ladder

GI Ladder Type Cable Tray /GI Cable Ladder

Other common names: ladder tray, cable runway

  • Simple design consisting of side rails with rungs connected. The rungs are perforated, which makes it easy to fasten cable ties or cable cleats directly onto the ladder.
  • Suited for electrical, instrumentation and telecommunications cables.
  • Can support heavy cables, cable bundles and pipes at long support spans.
  • Cables can enter and exit anywhere along the span.
  • Ladders provide free air flow, which is essential to avoid overheating of cables.
  • Minimal accumulation of water, moisture or dust.
  • Cables are exposed and easily accessible – making inspection and future modifications uncomplicated.
  • Covers can be added to protect cabling against UV, snow/ice and vandalism.
  • Budhia Steel’s fittings such as elbows, tee pieces, cross pieces and risers make it easy to change direction or level of the cable ladder span. These solutions require minimal space.
  • Cable ladders are typically supplied in 3 or 6-meter lengths.


GI Ladder Type Cable Tray /GI Cable Ladder

 Product Specification

Size Customized
Material Mild steel, G.I sheet
Tray Type Ladder Type Cable Tray, Trough Cable Tray, Perforated Cable Tray
Cable Tray Coating Hot-Dip Galvanized, Painted
Finishing Hot dip galvanized, red oxide, enamel painted & powder coated
Length Meters Standard length of tray is 2500 mm
Steel Standards As per IS 2062/1079
Galvanizing Standards As per IS 2629/4759
Min Size 1.6mm
Max Size 3.0mm

Product Description

We offer high-quality Straight Ladder Cable Trays, which consists of two longitudinal side rails that are connected by individual transverse members called rungs. Apart from this, the ladder tray length is available upto long as per the client requirement. These trays are available with all accessories.

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