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We are engaged in offering a wide range of Cable Trays. The professionals engaged with our company make use of best quality raw material for product sourcing.


Electrical Perforated Cable tray
Other common names: trough, ventilated cable tray

  • Consists of a single sheet of metal. Many cable trays have slot patterns, which makes it easy to position equipment and fasten cable ties and other fixings, such as tubing clamps.
  • Suited for light electrical and instrumentation cables and tubing.
  • The bottom coverage helps reduce electromagnetic interference, while the perforations enable water drainage and ventilation.
  • Trays provide additional support and prevents cables from drooping, which could potentially damage the circuit’s performance.
  • Cable trays are the most aesthetically pleasing option. In buildings with no paneled ceiling, cable trays can be a great option for hiding cables whilst keeping them organized.
  • Covers can be added to protect cabling against UV, snow/ice and vandalism.
  • Cable trays are typically supplied in 3-meter lengths.

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