Decking Profile Sheet MP-76

Decking Profile Sheet MP-76 are used as a permanent formwork or composite floor system. This sheet binds with concrete slab and together forms a portion of the floor structure. The linking between concrete and the floor deck happens by a system that is built into the deck, creating a reinforced concrete slab. The fast and simple installation makes these Decking Profile Sheet MP-76 widely demanded in the market. The sheets ensure strong and reliable shear bond performance, which is improved by cross embossing located in the profile.


Decking Profile Sheet MP-76


We offer a range of Decking Profile Sheet MP-76 in gauges varying from 0.8 to 3 mm; all profiles are manufactured from steel strip to ASTM 653 / SS275 with guaranteed minimum yield strength of 350 N/mm2. Each Profile provides its own set of advantages to flexibly meet individual project requirements*All measurements are in mm. It is known to be the deep steel-concrete composite Decking Profile Sheet MP-76.  Thickness of the Decking Sheets range from 0.60 mm to 3 mm. Standard Utilization is 0.80mm

Decking Profile Sheet MP-76 has special inbuilt shear connectors for bonding of the concrete with deck sheets to give composite action. Especially introduced to cater larger spans due to high depth of 76 mm.

Large spanning capacity leads to savings in joist.
  • Thickness: 0.8 mm
  • Cover Width (in MM): 885mm
  • Standard weight: 7.5kg/mtr
  • Material: PPGI
  • Material Brand:
  • Profile: MP-76

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