Overview of Types of Steel Buildings in Construction

Steel has evolved to become an essential component of the construction sector and it is impossible to picture it without each other. Steel reinforcement is extremely important in building construction due to its ability to bind well with concrete. The strong demand for steel cannot be questioned given the population’s expanding needs and desires, skyscrapers being built everywhere, and the prospective growth of the cheap housing sector. From light gauge, MS chequered plate, carbon steel, alloy steel and many more, there are various kinds of steel used in constructing buildings. Aside from the type of steel, there are also types of structures. In this blog, we shall take a closer look at the different types of steel buildings that are popularly used.

Types of steel buildings

Light Gauge Steel Buildings

In theory, wood-framed buildings and construction using light gauge steel are quite similar. The steel sections utilised in this project are what are known as “cold-formed sections,” which means that they are formed and put into their structure at room temperature. In order to create a C or S-shaped section, thin sheets of steel are guided through a sequence of rollers, each of which modifies the shape just slightly. 

In order to create a load-bearing wall, a frame made of steel components must first be built. Dry sheeting is then applied to both sides of the frame. Steel construction is based on the platform frame method used in building houses. Self-tapping and self-drilling bolts are used to connect pieces. They are lightweight and enable speedy construction without using bulky tools or equipment. SAIL TMT bar is a popular steel used for this kind of structure. Compared to wood frame construction, its higher strength allows for larger spacing between components. 

Open Web Truss Buildings

An Open web truss steel building can be the best option for you if you’re seeking a structure that’s ideal for any large-scale construction. The ceilings of these steel building models depart from the norm since they are secured by trusses rather than beams, which are web-like structures made of steel triangles. It can hold greater weight than a conventional roof beam since these constructions make sure the weight is uniformly distributed. Open web truss steel buildings are distinctive in that they cost less than other metal building kits with comparable features. This is due to the fact that the open web truss form provides high rigidity while using minimal materials, which is essential in the current world. Steel’s triangular design also allows for weight dispersion, which lowers building costs.

Rigid Frame Steel Buildings

An open web truss steel building is similar to a rigid frame steel building in terms of strength and design. But compared to metal buildings with trusses, these building models can be constructed in sizes that are far greater. They are, therefore, an excellent choice for industrial, commercial, and retail purposes. For large corporations, the rigid frame design is ideal since it provides a more free area without obstruction from support posts. It is commonly known as clear-span space. Clear-span prefabricated metal buildings are great for commercial and industrial use because they provide more open space and usable area. You would have extra room to store equipment, exhibit goods, and provide your services.

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