Midland Lead Joins Lead Contractors Association

MIDLAND LEAD has become an Associate Member of the Lead Contractors Association (LCA).

As a manufacturer of lead products to the construction and healthcare industries, Midland Lead will work with the LCA to promote and support best practice in the application of lead products.

Established in 1984, the Lead Contractors Association is owned and run by its members. As the only independent trade association of its type, the organisation was formed by contractors.

The LCA and Midland Lead are both committed to promoting lead as the most reusable and sustainable product in construction.

Lead Will Last

Tim Acland, General Manager of the LCA, said: “When applied correctly, lead will last for hundreds of years, it can be removed, recycled and reused an unlimited number of times.

“The lead industry has evolved over time and its sustainable qualities, along with the fact that it is reusable makes it one of the most versatile roofing and construction materials on site. Midland Lead and the LCA champion best practice and it is really important that manufacturers support the contractors.

“Our vetting officers regularly inspect projects that LCA members are working on, and it offers an on-site opportunity to see and discuss projects, small and large, that are using lead. It is also a chance for us to meet our members in person and perhaps explore why a particular detail was used.

“At every step the LCA insist on high standards and after our visit we grade the workmanship and encourage all our members to achieve excellent standards. At the inspection, any detail that is found not to conform with BS6915* must be corrected or the contractor risks losing their LCA membership. Our Technical Seminar and Training is promoted for continued professional development.”

Standards of Workmanship

Boudewijn Tuinenburg, Managing Director of Midland Lead

Boudewijn Tuinenburg, Managing Director of Midland Lead, added: “As a manufacturer of lead products, we are keen to work with organisations that promote high standards of workmanship, and those that share the same values around sustainability.

“Becoming a member of organisations like the LCA gives us the opportunity to engage with members and encourage the correct application of lead as well as promoting its sustainable qualities.

“We also share the same vision of ensuring that there is an investment in training and skills to develop the roofers of the future. Proud to be members of the LCA we also see this as a seal of approval from a prestigious and established organisation. We look forward to a long and positive relationship.”


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