Global Roofing Campaign Aims to Inspire Young People to Join the Industry and Address the Skills Gap

McCORMACK PARTNERS’ #PeopleMakeRoofing campaign has drawn global support from roofing professionals who are passionate about addressing the misconceptions associated with the roofing and cladding industry.

The McCormack Partners campaign aims to inspire young people to choose roofing as a rewarding career path and help address the skills gap issue that threatens the industry’s future.

Despite its many benefits, roofing is often viewed as a dirty, low-paid industry with limited career prospects.

Roofing Campaign

The #PeopleMakeRoofing campaign aims to change this perception by showcasing the industry’s success stories and positive messages from professionals within the sector.

The campaign has received widespread support from industry leaders, including James Talman, CEO of The National Federation of Roofing Contractors, Sarah Spink, CEO of The Liquid Roof Waterproofing Association, Aman Chahal, CEO of Tapered Plus, and Phillip Wilcox Moore, Managing Director of Axter Ltd.

“The Roofing industry offers numerous fantastic career opportunities, particularly for the younger generation,” said Luke McCormack, Managing Director of McCormack Partners.

“We believe that by highlighting the individuals who make the roofing industry what it is and by them offering advice to the next generation, we can inspire young people to join our industry and make a positive contribution. This is essential to address the skills gap issue and secure the industry’s future,” Luke added.

As part of the campaign, McCormack Partners invites industry professionals to participate in Zoom interviews, where they can share their story and highlight their contributions to the industry. The interviews are to be shared with young people in schools, colleges, and universities across the country.

To join the #PeopleMakeRoofing campaign contact: Luke McCormack, Founder & Managing Director, McCormack Partners:


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