Do You Have an Opinion on Training in the Roofing Sector?

THERE ARE two important current training initiatives which are inviting employers to give their feedback. They are an opportunity for the roofing industry to shape future strategy for training nationally and in your area.

National CITB Strategy

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is seeking industry views on its strategy for 2024-2028 and has issued a short online survey which employers and stakeholders can use to express their views and shape the future of the CITB offering.

Training Strategy for Roofing

Denise Cherry, Chair of the National Roof Training Group

Denise Cherry, Chair of the National Roof Training Group said, “I think it’s really important that companies get involved to ensure that roofing receives due consideration from CITB with regard to solid strategic training initiatives which will support roofing to overcome the skills shortages, to improve well-being and to increase awareness of sustainable technologies.

“Roofing training initiatives are frequently under-funded and under-recognised, and non-specialist organisations often fail to see the range, scope and complexity of the roofing industry and the skills required to maintain quality.

“Successful training initiatives are frequently led by manufacturers, offering a very welcome addition to the roofing skills landscape. However, I would like to see an effective strategy for roofing, involving true collaboration and co-operation to make a real difference. Completion of the CITB survey is a stepping stone toward this objective, which could secure greater funds towards training – so please fill it in with your views.”

Complete the CITB Strategic Plan Consultation here.

Training Strategy in Your Area

If you have ever complained about the level or content, or even the lack of roof training in your area, then you might want to get involved in your area’s Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIP).

These LSI Plans are being put together by each area’s Chamber of Commerce, who are seeking comments from local businesses.

The LSIP report is a strategic document identifying clear priorities for skills in the local area. It will include the necessary key changes needed (or indeed what should be retained) to make post-16 technical education and training more responsive to the skills needs of employers in a specified geographical area.

LSIPs will provide an agreed set of actionable priorities that employers, providers and stakeholders in a local area can get behind to drive change.

LSIPs will:

place employers at the heart of local skills systems
facilitate direct and dynamic working arrangements between employers and providers

Employer representative bodies have been designated to lead the development of LSIPs for all 38 areas of England.

Details of the representative bodies can be found here: Notice of designated employer representative bodies – GOV.UK (

Denise adds, “I urge every roofing company who has been unable to locate suitable roofing training, including apprenticeships, in their local area to give feedback and input to the organisation compiling the LSIP in their area and make a case for improving the range and scope of roof training,  If you have a view, join in and petition for more training in your area!”


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