Amber Warning for Snow in Central and Northern England

AN AMBER warning for snow has been issued for central and northern England by the Met Office.

An amber warning for snow has been issued covering an area from the south of the Peak District up to the North Pennines, valid from 3pm Thursday to 12pm noon Friday. Up to 10-20cm of snow is likely to fall across much of the area, with 30-40cm in some places, and this will be accompanied by strong winds.

Ahead of this, a yellow warning for snow and ice covers much of Wales as well as central, southern and eastern England through to 7am Thursday morning. Within this warning area, 2-4 cm of snow could accumulate quite widely through this evening and overnight, with 5-10cm possible in a few places. As the snow eases temporarily later in the night, an ice risk will remain into Thursday morning where snow has fallen on untreated surfaces.

Amber Warning for Snow

A larger area across Wales, central England and East Anglia is also under a Yellow warning for snow and ice through to 7am Thursday morning. Within this warning area 2-4cm of snow could accumulate quite widely through the day and overnight, with 5-10cm possible over higher ground. As the snow eases overnight, clear spells could lead to ice developing and persisting though the morning travel period.

Further north, low impact yellow warnings for snow and ice are in force for Wednesday evening and Thursday morning with some localised impacts from snow and ice expected.

As the milder air moves north, the area at risk of snow moves north with it. A number of National Severe Weather Warnings are in place across the UK as snow continues to cause disruption through the week.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Matthew Lehnert, said: “The boundary between milder and colder air will slowly move north through Wednesday and overnight, moving the chances of snow further north with it. Snow will have settled quite widely in central parts of the UK as we move into Thursday morning leaving tricky conditions for the morning travel period. It will be another very cold night, especially under clear skies in Scotland where temperatures could get down to -15°C again tonight.

“An Amber warning for snow has been issued for the high ground running north in the centre of northern England as snow redevelops through the course of Thursday and persists until early Friday. Here we could see up to 40cm of snow accompanied by strong winds causing blizzard conditions.”

Whilst the focus for the heaviest and most impactful snow looks to be focused over the Pennines, a broader yellow warning for snow covers north Wales, northern and central England, Northern Ireland and southern Scotland. This warning is valid from 0700 Thursday through to 1800 Friday.

Matthew continued: “Within this large warning area, snow accumulations are less certain. At low levels, accumulations are expected to be more patchy with 2-5 cm in places. However, higher ground of Scotland, north Wales and Northern Ireland could see 10-20cm.”

Further south in the milder air there will be continued rain showers and breezy conditions, there will be clearer skies and more sunshine by Friday afternoon.

By start of next week, low pressure from the west will drive strong winds and heavy rain across the south of the UK with up to 40-60mm of rain possible in 48 hours, mainly across western areas. However, the colder air is expected to hang on for longer in northern Scotland where it will be colder and less windy.


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