All Hallows Church’s Leaking and Damaged Roof Restored Using Soprema’s Innovative and Sustainable Thermal Insulation, PAVATEXTIL P

ORIGINALLY BUILT in the 1970s, the roof of All Hallows Church in Leeds was in dire need of renovation. The heavily attended church, which is a tight-knit hub that goes above and beyond to serve the community and its needs, going beyond simply providing a place of worship, but also serving as a much-needed community hub for charitable and community-bonding initiatives, was experiencing severe water ingress due to the existing tiled roof, which was no longer fit for purpose.

The Problem

The church’s relatively low-pitch roof tiles had slipped off over time, were damaged by vandalism, and had been exposed to the elements. The roof was also leaking and had very poor thermal performance, which was impacting the local community.

York-based company, Native Architects, was approached by the Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of All Hallows, Leeds, in a bid to help them with their leaking roof. The client required a robust roof system that would also prove to be as sustainable as possible, to ensure that running costs – especially in the current economic climate – are kept to a minimum.

The Solution

Native Architects decided to remove the existing tiles, and to cover the 480m2 roof with zinc instead, due to the durable qualities and long lifespan of the system, as explained by Chris Walker, Director at Native Architects. Given the nature of the building and its importance to the local community, the new roof required a sustainable, yet durable insulation solution that would stand the test of time, as well as have excellent thermal and acoustic qualities.

Originally considering mineral wool insulation for the project, Native Architects quickly ruled it out, due to the higher costs and because All Hallows Church has an acoustic ceiling with perforated boarding over the main worship space, which led to concern of any glass fibre or mineral wool potentially dropping through onto the congregation below.

Choosing PAVATEXTIL P Insulation from Soprema

After a consultation with Soprema’s approved distributor, Unity Lime Products Ltd, Native Architects changed the specification to Soprema’s PAVATEXTIL P cotton fibre-based thermo-acoustic insulation. “We really liked the idea of the product being recycled from cotton and polyester fibres, originating from recycled textile, and it offered the essential thermal and acoustic performance required for this project,” Chris explained.

PAVATEXTIL P insulation boards are made from recycled denim jeans and cotton fibres, offering exceptional sound-insulation properties, and protecting the structure against thermal losses in winter and heat transmittance in summer, while guaranteeing high quality of the air with an A+ classification for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions.

PAVATEXTIL P’s cotton fibres have hydrophilic and hygroscopic properties, which are exposed to anti-bacterial, fungal and flame-retardant treatments making them resistant to dust mites and mould. Because of the softness and supreme quality of the cotton insulation, PAVATEXTIL P doesn’t itch or irritate during installation and is easily adaptable during installation, fitting comfortably into any awkward areas.

This sustainable insulation can be easily installed between timber or metal frameworks, on the inside of walls and sloped roofs, as well as attic floors and is a more cost-effective alternative to a wood-fibre thermal insulation. All the qualities of PAVATEXTIL P really appealed to the client, Native Architects, and Geoff Neal Roofing (GNR) of York, the roofing contractor selected for this project.

A Community Restored

This valued community centre and much-loved place of worship has been transformed, and the client is safe in the knowledge that the insulation installed continues to give that much needed thermal performance. The church, with help from a small government grant, managed to raise the funds for the roof refurbishment themselves, thanks to its ongoing fundraising efforts.

All Hallows has now also managed to raise enough money to re-clad the church tower; a refurbishment which has also been designed by Native Architects. Soprema is pleased to have supported this second phase of building works, by making a charitable donation to the church.

If you would like to learn more about PAVATEXTIL P or discuss how our waterproofing, insulation, soundproofing, or roof garden solutions can be implemented in the projects you are working on, please do not hesitate to contact our technical experts.


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