A Year of Training Achievements at ERRTG

THE EASTERN REGION Roof Training Group (ERRTG) is celebrating a year of training achievements and sharing its plans for continued success in 2023.

ERRTG’s roofer apprenticeships were ‘immensely successful’ in 2022, with 7 out of 9 of its apprentices passing their End Point Assessment at distinction level. The Group continues to have good recruitment numbers and says it is looking forward to future success, as well as building on its achievements and working closely with employers and learners to ensure continuous improvement.

In 2022, ERRTG experienced its first Ofsted monitoring visit and received some excellent feedback. The Group says it is continuously improving the apprenticeship to meet its stakeholders needs and to support its apprentices to attain the outstanding essential skills they will use throughout their lives.

Additionally, ERRTG’s staff team is continuing to grow in 2023. Kate Rupp will be joining the Group, taking up the role of Vocational and Apprenticeship Lead. ERRTG says Kate will bring with her the knowledge and skills to continue the Group’s ambition of being an outstanding provider of quality teaching and learning.

Apprenticeship Success

During this past year, ERRTG was able to demonstrate how its apprentices excel, as one of its apprentices takes part in the National Roofer finals. This follows on from Phil Houghton who won the gold medal at a previous National Skill Build Final and went on to represent the UK at the World Skills competition.

Last year, two ERRTG apprentices also took part in a tour of a Spanish slate mine, funded by slate manufacturer CUPA PIZARRAS. Supported by ERRTG Tutor Ben, the apprentices were able to experience the full manufacturing process and really understand what it takes to make quality slate.

Throughout the year, as enrichment activity, ERRTG has had manufacturing demonstrations from Axter, Soprema, Midland Lead, and Hambleside Danelaw. These demonstrations widen apprentices’ knowledge and experience and enables them to understand what products are out there and how they can use them to work in a cost effective and sustainable way, says ERRTG.

To showcase its centre and to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, ERRTG has planned a celebration day on February 9 2023. The Group will be joined by all of its apprentices, employers, manufacturers and its Education Skills Funding Agency relationship manager, to see its work in action.

Anyone is welcome to attend the event; please contact ERRTG to let them know you will be attending.

Sustainability & Training

ERRTG is continuing to offer slate and tile upskilling courses as well as the normal health & safety courses this year. It reports having seen a drop off in face-to-face training, however its e-learning courses remain very strong.

The Group has also implemented changes to save energy, and recycle resources to be more eco-friendly, building on its sustainability plan. ERRTG rose to the challenge as a team and brought in many changes that include swapping plastic for cardboard, reducing plastics, reducing energy use, and recycling everything possible.

The Group is further promoting sustainability across its curriculums. Roofing tutor Ben, who has a decade of experience using sustainable methods and reclamation techniques, has written specific modules to give the roofers of the future the valuable skills and knowledge they can use to help reduce their carbon footprint.

ERRTG has attended numerous school’s events to promote careers within the roofing industry. This has led to many mainstream school students learning how to use tools and roofing components to install various roof coverings on its training models. ERRTG also work heavily with Pupil Referral Units/SEND Units to work with young students who are deemed vulnerable and/or from disadvantaged backgrounds. Over the last 12 months, it has witnessed students having amazing journeys considering their starting point. Some have gone into roofing as a career.

The Group is also involved in Traineeships, with NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) young people enrolling onto a 12-week BTEC educational program to include one day per week work experience. During their program, ERRTG is also supporting many students with anxiety, mental well-being and confidence issues. The course concludes with CSCS training, thus enabling students to get on-site. ERRTG has also announced that it is planning to write a bespoke Roofing Traineeship in early 2023.

As 2023 is approaching, ERRTG says it is excited and motivated to keep working hard toward another successful year in the world of roofing.


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