2023 Traditional Roofing Supplement

NEW FOR 2023, Roofing Today’s Traditional Roofing supplement is published in conjunction with Master Roofers UK.

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Traditional Roofing aims to inspire and enthuse the UK roofing community by showcasing the craftsmanship, expert techniques and best practice in the heritage roofing sector today.

Traditional Roofing

With a foreword by Master Roofers UK CEO, Stewart Rowles, in the first technical article Stewart discusses the importance of geographical exposure to roofing details such as flashings, hips and ridges, underlays and headlaps.
Russell Blackaller from Heritage Roofing Southwest explores the concept of heritage roofing, its history and development and his daily experience of this ‘Marmite’ sector!
The Roofing Gallery features photos of some of the best roofing work in heritage and restoration projects.
In a fascinating exploration of the 200+ Welsh slate quarries that closed within living memory, Stewart Rowles suggests the provenance of your reclaimed slates might not be quite what you think it is.
Expert roofer and Heritage Roof Master, Jonathan Greenough shares insights from almost 40 years in the industry.
The Rise in Incorrect Lead Installations – how should lead roofs be designed to ensure adequate ventilation, minimal condensation and avoidance of corrosion to ensure a long lifespan?

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